Your Money, Wealth and Funding Great Business Ideas

What are the best ways to preserve your wealth in Indonesia today? What are the best ways to raise funds for your business ideas?

With the majority of its population between the ages of 25 and 35 (millennials), growing urban and middle classes, and a supportive regulatory environment that encourages the digitisation of financial services, Indonesia presents great potential and many opportunities for creating wealth. Banking penetration, on the other hand, is low with only an estimated 36.1% of the population having access to formal financial services. Along the same lines, accessing personal loans and credit, or working capital for small and medium businesses (SMEs), often involves long delays and substantial amounts of paperwork.

The disruption taking place in the finance industry worldwide can also be seen in Indonesia. Where a growing number of new market entrants are enabling funding to become more readily available, offering investors the opportunity to explore new asset classes and driving financial inclusion.

This one-day conference is designed for you, the customer, to learn more about the new ways in which wealth is being created today. No, you do not need to go to the bank to borrow money or get a line of credit. No, property is not the only asset class that generates wealth today. New forms of wealth are being created that your bankers are not talking to you about.

Attend this conference to be updated on new developments in finance, and get insights on new ways to fund your business ideas and make better financial decisions. The rules of the game are being rewritten by new challengers such as financial technology (fintech) and alternative lenders, investors and payment players, who see financial services from the eyes of the customers.

FutureWealth Indonesia will show you the fastest and most convenient way to save, with higher interest rates, and invest in the most sustainable and profitable investments. It will also look to provide a full understanding of the associated risks.

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