Your Money, Wealth and Funding Great Business Ideas Today

Your Money, Wealth and Funding Great Business Ideas Today

What’s the best way for you to make good use of your money? This conference is designed for customers to know how to make better financial decisions - Educating customers by providing them with an understanding of how they can plan for a better future and for banks, fintechs and SMEs by offering fairly designed products and services. The rules of the game are being rewritten by new challengers such as fintechs and non-traditional lending, investors and payment players, who see financial services from the eyes of the customers. To reflect the shifting market dynamics, The FutureWealth Asia will demonstrate what’s the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient way to pay for goods, send money abroad, save with higher rates of interests, and invest in the most sustainable and profitable way for customers. This also includes a full understanding of the associated risks.

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Key focus areas:


The Business of Borrowing and Lending Money Between Strangers on the Internet


Bitcoin and Crypto-currency - On the Edge of a Cliff?


Mobile and Online Payments – How to Realize New Revenue Streams in Retail and eCommerce


Raising Equity – The Crowdfunding Way


Robo-Advisors - The Next Big Thing in Investing?