FutureWealth Indonesia- Saturday 21 October 2017


Registration and Morning Networking


Kick-off Session
“How to Be High Net-Worth” in the 21st Century
With Asia’s growing number of high net-worth individuals, it is an important time to learn how to utilise available products and opportunities to help achieve sustainable returns. In this opening session, we talk to an expert with proven experience, who has built his own wealth to give us an idea of the new asset classes that are becoming increasingly popular and how to think about them in addition to traditional assets like property and equities

  • Discussing challenges faced by retail and high net-worth Individuals in investing
  • Sharing investment opportunities for different asset classes
  • Structuring a sustainable portfolio for uncertain times


Ideas: Borrowing and Lending Money Between Strangers on the Internet
We talk to founders of several lending sites, to understand better how their business models work and how their risk management platforms work behind the scene and who gets to borrow and what the returns are for those who lend through these sites.

  • Explore alternative ways to access capital for your small business or fund your personal projects or purchases
  • Get familiarised with the different business models available in the non-bank lending space
  • Learn more about how you can invest in this growing industry


Speakers and panellists include:

  • Benedicto Haryono, Co Founder, Koinworks
    Visionary, applying the concept of "Gotong Royong" to the P2P lending space
  • Adrian A. Gunadi, Co-Founder & CEO, Investree
    Entrepreneur, using all his banking experience to digitalise financial inclusion in Indonesia and help businesses and individuals
  • Iwan Kurniawan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Modalku
    Tech enthusiast, who strives to help SMEs access capital through marketplace lending
  • Akshay Garg, cofounder & CEO of FinAccel,
    Contributor to South East Asia’s first completely automated retail credit platform to provide credit…without a credit card.


Lunch Exhibition Break – Light Lunch


TABx: Brainstorm: How we look for and fund the business ideas that have the best chance to succeed
Asia has a distinctly differentiated investment landscape and climate from other economic hot spots like Silicon Valley and London. We break down the critical success factors of the winners that have caught the eye of the investor community.

We put together three astute investors who are in the business of identifying winning business ideas and companies to give us an insight on how they select winners.

  • Start-up funding is an alternative asset class, learn more about how to spot business ideas that are most likely to thrive and how to choose the verticals that suit you best
  • Find out when you should and shouldn’t seek to raise funds for your business and what types of financing alternatives are available
  • Learn about different types of investors and the business stages they are looking to invest in
  • Discuss how the South East Asian financial start up eco-system has matured and current trends in the investing and financing landscape

Speakers and panellists include:

  • William Budiharsono, Managing Director of SEA Investment Capital
    Venture builder in ASEAN, specialised in digital innovation and disruption to financial institutions
  • Eri Reksoprodjo, Managing Partner, Kejora Ventures
    Investment professional, focusing on digital companies in the space of fintech, logistic, healthcare and media
  • Edward Ismawan Chamdani, Managing Partner - Ideosource VC
    Managing and Founding Partner, focusing in digital and consumer internet investments


Discussion: Using Your Smartphone to handle Your Personal Finances and Manage Your Wealth
Managing your money and investing will become increasingly convenient as cashless payment solutions become more popular.  We gather experienced financial service professionals to discuss the services that allow consumers to manage their finances from the convenience of their smartphone.

Speakers and Panellists include:

  • Ibnu Hajar Ulinnuha, CFP, Founder & CEO, Dompetsehat and Veryfund
    Devoted to innovation, and founder of two companies that help businesses and individuals manage their finances
  • Timothy Francis, Chief Growth Officer, Jojonomic Pte Ltd
    Strong advocate of financial literacy and former consultant for the foreign investor market entering Southeast Asia
  • Melvin Mumpuni, Founder, Finansialku.com
    Start-up enthusiast with a passion for educating people in matters of personal financial management & planning

Lucky Draw #2


Ideas: Crowdfunding as an alternative way to raise capital for your projects
We talk to heads of funding platforms and ask them what the people who invest through their sites look for, and how they evaluate potential business ideas.
Also how should entrepreneurs sell their ideas on these new platforms?

Speakers and panellists include:

  • Ronald Yusuf Wijaya, co-founder and CEO of Ethis Indonesia
    Seeks to bridge gaps between the financial systems and the real economy while adhering to Islamic Finance Standards
  • Radith Soeriadinata, Business Development, Fundnel Limited
    Dedicated finance professional, interested in educating the public about the crowdfunding space


Closing inspiration

Up Close and Personal: My financial journey – will this be yours?
An in-depth and personal interview with a self-made entrepreneur on building a business, their experiences in looking for investors, how they managed their personal wealth through the ups and downs and their opinion on the areas in the future of money that they are excited about.


Close of the FutureWealth Indonesia

*This is a draft agenda – Topics and speakers are subject to change

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Program Manager
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